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Managing Conflict

Managing Conflict

Categories: Managing Conflict
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About Course

Conflict is a natural part of life, and the ability to navigate it effectively is a crucial life skill. As parents, it’s our responsibility to equip our children with the tools they need to handle disagreements and disputes in a constructive and respectful manner.

In this series of lessons on “Managing Conflict”, we explore a range of practical strategies and techniques that parents can teach their children. We delve into the importance of active listening, empathy, and clear communication, and demonstrate how these skills can defuse tension and lead to mutual understanding.

We also address the role of emotions in conflict and provide guidance on how children can learn to manage their feelings, even in challenging situations. By understanding their emotions, children can respond to conflict in a more controlled and thoughtful way, rather than reacting impulsively.

But these lessons go beyond just managing conflict. They’re about teaching our children to view these challenging situations as opportunities for growth and learning. It’s about helping them understand that conflict, when handled correctly, can lead to deeper understanding, stronger relationships, and personal development.

Join us in this insightful series and empower your child with the life skill of managing conflict. These lessons are suitable for parents of children of all ages.

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What Will You Learn?

  • In the "Managing Conflict" series, you will learn:
  • 1. The fundamentals of conflict resolution and how to teach them to your child.
  • 2. Techniques for active listening and clear communication, and how they can be used to defuse tension.
  • 3. The role of emotions in conflict and how to guide your child in managing their feelings effectively.
  • 4. Strategies to help your child view conflict as an opportunity for growth and learning.
  • 5. Ways to foster empathy in your child, enabling them to understand and respect different perspectives.
  • 6. How to model positive conflict resolution behaviors in your own interactions, providing a practical example for your child.

Course Content

All Lessons

  • Sibling Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict to Resolution in 4 Steps
  • Fighting Fair: How Do You Resolve Conflict?

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