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iheart Programme

Our children are suffering and we cannot seem to stem the tide.

Why? Because most existing mental health programmes are primarily addressing symptoms, not the root cause. In order to solve any recurring problem, we have to address the problem at its source.
We need a revolutionary shift in how we understand and address the mental health of our youth.
Through our preventative-based early intervention approach, we are committed to turning the tide; our programme is already creating resilient children, resilient families, resilient schools and a more resilient society, proving that education truly is the key to prevention.
This is a fun, simple, interactive programme which is interesting and provides valuable life-changing learning. Much like a computer, when we understand how the ‘back-end’ or our psychological system works, we have far more understanding and control over how we operate.

Curriculum Outline

This carefully structured programme for ages 10-18yrs is comprised of 11 x 60min weekly group sessions. The first four sessions lay the foundations of the iheart approach, explaining the underlying principles of our psychological system and their most significant implication – that wellbeing is innate. The following seven sessions relate to topics that affect young people’s daily lives, such as stress, anxiety, future uncertainty, relationships, prejudice, self-image, bullying, anger, addictions and social media.

Built on a scaffolded approach to learning, each session has its own clear learning objective and a dynamic blend of animation videos, interactive discussions, activities, self-reflection and feedback worksheets, summary slides, video clips and group exercises.

Expected Learning Outcome

The iheart Outcomes and Impact Framework anticipates the following key areas of improvements for young people:

  • Mental Health
  • Resilience
  • Behaviour
  • Relationships
  • Motivation
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