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Life Skills

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Life Skills

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As part of our ‘Parenting Resilience’ Initiative we offer a new video lesson fortnightly which focuses on a particular life skills theme.  In the Mel Ryan School, each weekly drama class is centred around a specific theme, where teachers discuss the theme, age appropriately, with the children.  The students then role-play day to day scenarios in small groups and drama exercises and improvisation are used to (a) increase awareness, (b) practise appropriate behaviour/conversation, (c) understand others’ points of view and learn to manage their thoughts and behaviours in any given moment.  By breaking down Emotional Intelligence and Resilience education into single Life Skills Themes lessons, young people build tools, learn to manage their behaviour and develop a deep understanding and aware of others which in turn helps them to have a much more considered and controlled approach to life, and particularly its challenges.

These videos will detail what we teach in our classes and are intended to support parents in building resilience in their children, and while doing so, become more aware and skilled at managing their own challenges.  Each child, parent, scenario is different and therefore ‘no one size fits all’ in any situation, but I hope that you find these videos useful and as you build your own emotional intelligence, you will find that your parental instincts will guide you best of all.

You will be notified each fortnight as we add a new Life Skills lesson to our library.  See below for future life skills themes and please feel free to request a topic.

Please note that while much research and experience has been poured into these lessons, we are not medically trained in any way and these videos should be used for guidance only.  They should not replace any form of professional help or therapy.

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Course Content

Life Skills

  • Celebrating Our Differences
  • Making New Friends / Transitioning To A New Environment
  • Active Listening
  • Empathy
  • Managing Difficult Friendships
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Living with / Understanding those with Additional Needs (Coming Soon)
  • Understanding The Elderly (Coming Soon)
  • Conflict Management (Coming Soon)
  • Integrity / Moral Compass / Family Values (Coming Soon)
  • Managing Day to Day Anxiety / Separation Anxiety / Breathing (Coming Soon)
  • Understanding Bad Behaviour / Bullying (Coming Soon)
  • Screen Etiquette / Manners (Coming Soon)
  • Receiving and Interpreting Information on the Web (Coming Soon)
  • Communication Skills (Coming Soon)
  • Managing Fear and Not Letting It Hold You Back (Coming Soon)

Additional Life Skills for teenagers

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