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Summer Camps 2023


Drama, Hip Hop, Games, Fun, Fun, Fun!


(In the grounds of Mount Merrion Church, opposite the Community Centre)


We have a very different focus to a theatre school or a typical speech and drama class. Our main objectives are to build confidence and develop life skills, in smaller groups, in a fun-filled, no-pressure atmosphere.

The academic education that our children get in school is terribly important, obviously, but there is so much more to the education of young people.

What about things like communication skills, social and presentation skills, teaching them empathy, teaching them conflict management or sibling rivalry and how to manage that, how to be assertive, to find their voice, and, of course, to build them up so that they have the resilience and the self esteem to cope with any challenge that is inevitably going to come along.

We provide a very safe, nurturing, non-pressured, non-competitive environment for them to find their voice, step outside their comfort zone and be supported and encouraged individually to really build them up to find the resilience for life.

So if that’s something that you think would interest you for your child, contact me below.


Phone Mel: 086 8372364

All camps €120 per week

10% sibling discount


3rd July-7th July

10am-1pm Teddys (3-5yrs)

2pm-5pm Juniors (6-8yrs)

17th July-21st July

10am-1pm Juniors (6-8yrs)

2pm-5pm Tweens/Teens (11-17yrs)

10th July – 14th July

10am-1pm Teddys (3-5yrs)

2pm-5pm Seniors (9-11yrs)

24th July – 28th July

10am-1pm Teddys (3-5yrs)

2pm-5pm Seniors/Tweens (9-13yrs)


7th Aug-11th Aug

10am-1pm Teddys (3-5yrs)

2pm-5pm Juniors (6-8yrs)

14th Aug-18th Aug

10am-1pm Juniors (6-8yrs)

2pm-5pm Seniors/Tweens (9-13yrs)


As a parent of three young children, we had concerns around one of our  twin daughters being quite shy. Being a twin is not easy and the tendency for people to compare them is ever present. Given that our second twin is very confident and quite independent we felt that our quieter daughter would benefit from some help with her confidence. In this regard we sought out Mel Ryan and the recommendations we had received did not disappoint. Mel has a wonderful way with children and manages to instantly put them at ease. It was our daughter’s first time taking on an extracurricular activity alone and we were concerned about whether or not she would be willing to go. Under Mel’s care and expert guidance, not only did she attend but she has thoroughly enjoyed every class over the last four years. The best part of all is to see how much her confidence has grown. To see her get up in front of an audience to talk  or to sing without batting an eye lid is the ultimate proof that Mel’s Dream Believe Achieve class does exactly what it says on the tin in a really fun and safe environment for children, When it comes to school projects and presentations our daughter appears to perform without any nervousness and is well able to present in an excellent manner speaking clearly and concisely and making lots of eye contact. It really is just second nature to her now. It really is very apparent when we hear about the butterflies in our other two children’s tummies when it its their turn!
I would highly recommend The Mel Ryan School and would encourage anyone who has concerns about their child’s confidence to seek Mel out to discuss what she and her superb team can do. It is a solid foundation to give them going in to secondary school and beyond and I’ve no doubt it will greatly assist her throughout her life. I only wish I had learned it at her age as we all know it is much easier to learn these things as children before any bad habits or insecurities creep in.
Ann-Marie McCoy, Blackrock
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