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We are thrilled and excited to be the only school invited to supply children to perform at A Playful City, a wonderful, innovative conference on 17th October in the Point Village.

A Playful City is a project exploring and responding to the need for more inclusive, child-friendly, and playful spaces in Dublin City. Their purpose is to bring children, young people, diverse key stakeholders and the wider community together to make an impact in the city.

Stay tuned for more information!


Big news for September 2017!!!
Both MUSICAL THEATRE and DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE classes now available for young people aged 13-18yrs!!

Our Life Skills class, DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE, using the vehicle of drama & performance in a fun-filled environment, will teach life skills such as: public speaking; inner resilience; social skills; assertiveness; study focus; empathy; negotiating skills; and listening skills – to build confidence; manage anxiety & stress; handle the pressures of social media/friendships and challenges of being a teenager in today’s world.

Classes offer Hip Hop, Singing and Drama training for theatre by experienced highly qualified teachers. No experience necessary.
For more info contact Mel;
Phone: 086 8372364

We are very excited to announce that we will be offering classes in Stillorgan (Patrician Centre), Sandyford (Community Centre) & Belarmine (Community Centre) in addition to our classes in Glencullen from September 2015. Bookings are now being taken and filling nicely so be sure to contact Mel 086 8372364 sooner rather than later to ensure a place!

The following is an outline of the our timetable. Detailed class times will be available during the first week of September and will be determined by demand.

Glencullen Community Centre

Mon between 3pm and 7.30pm       Conf. Building Through Drama                       Mel Ryan
Tues between 3pm and 7.30pm       Conf. Building Through Drama                       Grace Kinirons
Wed between 4pm and 7pm             Musical Theatre                                                  Sarah Thornton
Thurs between 3pm and 7.30pm     Conf. Building Through Drama                      Mel Ryan

Patrician Centre, Stillorgan 

Tues between 3pm and 7.30pm       Conf. Building Through Drama/Mus.Theatre    Mel Ryan
Thurs between 3pm and 7.30pm     Conf. Building Through Drama                   Astrid Courtney
Sat between 11am and 2pm         Conf. Building Through Drama                        Astrid Courtney

Sandyford Community Centre

Thurs between 4 and 7pm    Conf. Building Through Drama/Mus.Theatre        Grace Kinirons

Belarmine Community Centre

Mon between 3.30 and 7pm       Conf. Building Through Drama


Hello everyone!

I hope that you have had a lovely summer and a nice rest! Welcome to my new website! As you can see my school has a new image, has new courses and new tutors! With all these very exciting developments, I want to reassure you all that I am committed to maintaining the integrity and the ethos of my school – that of a genuine and sincere interest in each individual that attends the school and to provide a warm, fun-filled, no pressure atmosphere for each student to grow and develop important life skills. I am determined to keep fees to a minimum and to give good value for money. All students and/or their parents are encouraged to make contact with me any time with regard to their progress and any issues that they would like to discuss or have covered in class. Where other tutors are giving classes, I will continue to have a presence in the class and will endeavour to get to know each student regardless. Tutors will also be required to keep me up to date with the progress of each individual.

We are very excited to launch new courses for adults and college students! This comes as a result of many requests from parents of children attending the school. See ‘Adult Courses’ and ‘College Student Courses’ for more details.

We have also added Singing Lessons and Guitar Lessons for children to our programme which is very exciting!

Sarah and I would very much like to welcome our new tutors to the team – Grace Kinirons, Ross Keating and Bobby Keating.

We are particularly delighted to welcome Grace who has the perfect combination of experience and skills to teach in the school. Having completed her theatre and singing training in London, she went on to star in leading roles in the West End in London for 16 years. She then came home to Ireland and completed a Masters in Drama Therapy. She has spent the last 10 years working with vulnerable children and adults (School Completion Programme & HSE) and has lectured in universities and colleges in Ireland on the subject. We have no doubt that Grace will be a wonderful asset to the school and we know that the children will love her too!

We are also delighted to have Ross and Bobby Keating coming on board. Injecting youth into the teaching staff is a key aspect of creating the right atmosphere for our new college student course and our music courses for children.

Ross, fresh from graduating from TCD, brings a current understanding of what’s required at 3rd level, while his age will allow him to relate to college students easily. He is a particularly skilled public speaker and has an innate ability to understand and empathise with other people. He has been working in Gonzaga College as a sports coach for the last few years and loves working with young adults.

Bobby is currently immersed in Dublin’s up-an- coming music scene as the lead singer, guitarist and main songwriter for his band “Badger Hill”. A music student in DIT, Bobby also has a genuine interest in developing musical ability and appreciation from an early age.

Classes will resume week commencing Monday 15th September. Mel will email all existing students very soon to start organising class times. As there is a long waiting list for the school, existing students will have first choice of class times and children on the waiting list will be contacted during the first week in September. Please note that the ‘Confidence Through Drama’ classes will now be available on Fridays also, therefore every day of the week including Saturdays are an option for those particular classes.

As we have lots of new classes available, please feel free to spread the word, particularly about the fact that we now cater for adults and college students!

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in September – good luck with the back to school routines etc!

Mel x

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